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One Ear Brand

One Ear Brand | Eejyanaika | "Kanaikougei Natural Dye"

One Ear Brand | Eejyanaika | "Kanaikougei Natural Dye"

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Dyed in Amami Oshima Japan each bandanna has been hand dyed in traditional colors. Techi-iro is from a tree, it creates the wonderful rust color, once that color is dipped in mud the tannins attach to the dye and create a tasty brown/black. In addition to these colors we have a teal/olive green colorway and a delicate indigo as well. 

These bandannas have been washed before packaging but they may transfer onto lighter material. Please keep this in mind when using. 


Cotton 100%

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Aprrox. 90 cm x 90 cm

Care Instructions

Gentle Soap

Hand Wash

Machine Wash (in net)

Hang Dry

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