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Operation Mindfuck Mars Oxide

Operation Mindfuck Mars Oxide

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Operation Mindfuck was a counter-culture-art-social-protest to generate paranoia. They essentially invented the Illuminati. Yurika and I have extracted some of the themes and symbology from their works and rehashed it into a bandanna design. The art is heavily influenced by Japanese design and stencils. Aliens, UFOs and disorienting lines make up the bulk of the elements here. These would pair well not only with a kimono, but also gracefully worn as a babushka, or cleverly tied around the neck.

The color is inspired by iron oxide powders often used in dyeing in Japan. Using the hues of Mars as a guide we combined the dark ferrous of iron oxide with the playful yellow and somewhat austere copper orange. The combination is striking and feels a little retro. The dark hue is almost-black a hue similar to licorice candy, a brownish-black.





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