Home, I'll Never Be...

Home, I'll Never Be...

This is a quote from a poem in the book "One the Road" by Jack Kerouac. It also happens to be one of my favorite pieces of American literature. A profoundly inspiring novel that almost every word is as significant as a Beethoven piece.

The Chinook is a camping car/truck from the 1970s that featured a Toyota Hi-lux pickup and a slide-in half-pop-up style bed camper unit. In my opinion one of the finest most functional pieces of road traveling gear ever conceived. I would put it in the realm of Rocinante as a road companion.

The base of this bandanna is a semi-reproduction of a early 1900's vintage Turkey Red bandanna that I really found to be interesting in its use of art deco design. From the layered double triangles in the center, to the fade effect of the outside border fill, to the geometric scroll-work style mid-borders. If you look closely you will be able to see "Home I'll Never Be" in yellow, in this style.

The color palette is from a Bell Systems standards manual. We reversed the color strength and went with a sage/grey green base with the classic Penske blue and timeless International Tractor yellow.

We really had a hard time to get the scaling on the Chinook just so as to avoid the entire design being overwhelmed by it. The design really has a great classic effect of movement.

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