About One Ear Brand Bandannas

One Ear Brand bandannas are 100% completely made in Japan. Each shuttle woven bandanna has two selvedge sides on fabric that is 90cm x 90cm or 70cm x 70cm. Shrinkage will occur and light colors are sensitive to washing and sunlight. Please take care accordingly. 

All products are non-toxic and pass rigorous Japanese quality standards. There is no discharge (bleaching) printing involved in any process. Each bandanna is hand printed one by one and sewn up in the Kansai area of Japan. 

Bandannas are designed and conceptualized by Jonathan Lukacek. All the art for the brand is done by Yurika Shikai. Together each bandanna is carefully designed to bring something totally new to the market. These products are not only for fashion but also for living. Please use them in a variety of ways from wrapping presents, to wearing as a babushka. The utility is endless.