LOL Bean, what's so funny...?

LOL Bean, what's so funny...?

We really like to laugh when we design bandannas. There should always be an element of humor in any good design. One that is not at any one person's expense. LOL Bean is play on the brand LL Bean. We did an Army Duck LL Bean inspired blanket for Alberton last year. But as always with any inspiration we always redraw all the art. We do not make a replica. 

I always feel that ducks get a kick out of crapping on people and dogs that might otherwise be hunting them. I mean if I was a duck I would... In this case of this design they are teasing these Irish Setters with a hail of duck feathers. Maybe we are just making fun of people who wear a certain style of boot way too seriously... maybe, perhaps... 

The original blanket was very basic but unforgettable. The timelessness of ducks and reeds with a very warm looking classic color palette, is pretty much perfect. This color combo made for an excellent bandanna. 

There were two color ways original for this blanket we chose the slightly rarer one. We called this one "Mingei" for the Japanese word meaning "folk crafts". I wanted to integrate this idea and the feeling for the blanket into one idea. A bit of pottery but very warm and comfortable. An authentic take with a bit of aesthetic pleasure in a classic design.

The second color way which we called "Blanket" is a close combination of colors from the original. This one has a very vintage and very warm neutral feel to it. I hope people really like these designs and colors. I think they mesh well with a variety of styles. 

Just make sure you LOL when you wear. 

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