Welwitschia, the mysterious lonely bastard.

Welwitschia, the mysterious lonely bastard.

Welwitschia is a considerably interesting plant that grows in Namibia. It thrives on fog that comes inland from the Atlantic Ocean into the Kaokoveld desert. It has no relative plants so from my perspective a very lonely bastard...

It has male and female strobili similar to pine cones. These plants can live up in excess of 2000 years. There are fossils of the plant that have been found on the coasts of Brazil and the South American continent. It is commonly referred to as a "living fossil".

The substrate and environment and location make it a very attractive natural design. The two permanent leaves that make up the bulk of the plants structure slowly fade to brown and fall apart almost like rattan chairs in abandoned buildings. The colors of the plant itself against the yellow/orange dusty sand of the desert really work nicely together.

Behind the Welwitschia we placed a Namibian batik inspired design to reflect the country in which this plant inhabits. The cultural beauty inspired by the natural beauty for us is the best design foundation.

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