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One Ear Brand

Alberton "Duck" Socks

Alberton "Duck" Socks

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We acquired a dead-stock pair of socks that were popular in the U.S. in the 1930’s. After analyzing them with a Japanese sock factory we discovered that they were made
with a number of forgotten techniques and technologies. As the analysis progressed, our team felt the urge to make a sock utilizing this forgotten technology, and we took on
the challenge. Focusing on the yarn count, dyeing, twisting, and knitting to the limit of what we could reproduce with modern technology. When this style of sock was popular it was common for people to make monkey dolls out of them. So they acquired the nickname “monkey socks". Since they are produced by Alberton Japan, and our main product their duck canvas, we decided to call these "duck" socks. Color and logo designed by One Ear Brand.

100% Cotton

Sizes S,M,L. (socks stretch and shrink to fit your feet after washing)

S 23cm-25cm 

M 26cm-28cm

L 29cm-31cm


Cotton 100%

Shipping & Returns

International Shipping by DHL

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Care Instructions

Gentle Soap

Hand Wash

Machine Wash (in net)

Hang Dry

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