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Hikuri Gingerbread

Hikuri Gingerbread

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Size 90 x 90 cm

This bandanna was a piece we have wanted to do since the start. We love cacti here, and through many childhood and recent trips to the desert of the Southwest we became enamored with cacti shape and splendor. The shape of the saguaro defines the landscape as much as the mesa. Along with this adoration for this shape is our curiosity of the peyote cactus. Being somewhat familiar with Hikuri culture, we appropriately named this piece…

We wanted to create a sort of Southwest roadside souvenir graphic mixed with a road “trip”. A bandanna that might be mentioned in a Hunter S Thompson novel, with a color palette from a Carl Redin painting. Something that a David Lynch character might wear…

We hope you appreciate the subtlety but timeless visual design of this one.


このバンダナは、当初からやりたいと思っていた作品です。私たちはここでサボテンが大好きで、子供の頃や最近何度も南西部の砂漠を旅するうちに、サボテンの形や素晴らしさに魅了されるようになったのです。サグアロの形は、メサと同じように景観を決定づけます。この形への憧れとともに、ペヨーテサボテン(Lophophora williamsii)への好奇心も湧いてきました。Hikuriの文化に精通している私たちは、この作品にふさわしい名前を付けました。




Cotton 100%

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