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70 x 70 cm

Cerasus is the latin term for cherries. There are hundreds if not thousands of varieties in Japan. Its cultural significance in Japanese culture is enormous. There are songs, festivals, viewing parties… I could go on and on… The major aesthetic importance of “sakura” is that they represent the fleetingness of beauty, life and death, and especially in the concept of “mono no aware” or in simple terms the idea of being sensitive and aware of things in nature around you, and to appreciate that beauty. 

It felt cliche to do a Sakura bandanna but I asked my friend @alessio_vitelli to draw the art on this one. He has lived in Japan for a number of years and has an interesting art style. I felt that his art style would work well with the concept of a cherry blossom bandanna. The style is a bit psychedelic but in a traditional bandanna layout. The simple design is highlighted with small details like budding blossoms, and falling petals. Illustrating perfectly the fleetingness of these feelings. We used a quartz pink, and a cocoa brown to give a natural color palette to the artwork. This bandanna will work well with anyone and a lot of fashion styles. We hope you enjoy this one.



Cotton 100%

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