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Eejyanaika Tezomeya Colors (Natural Dye)

Eejyanaika Tezomeya Colors (Natural Dye)

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Tezomeya is a small dye shop in Kyoto. They work with natural dyes that are traditional to Japanese textiles. Deeply researched and perfected, Tezomeya colors are unique and easily appreciated. This very limited special run was made to show the charismatic design of our Eejyanaika bandanna paired with the exquisite beauty of natural dye.

Here is a link that explains the ingredients used to achieve these amazing colors.

It takes anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to dye a bandanna. Thank you for your understanding. Some Colors are in-stock so please feel free to ask what is available for quick shipment.

These colors are naturally dyed and will fade over time. Please be careful when cooking, storing in sunlight, and placing on metal; these may affect the color. Please also note that natural dyeing may not be exactly as the photos. Remember this natural process of dyeing has many natural factors that affect the final color.


Cotton 100%

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