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Nighthings Rosy Maple

Nighthings Rosy Maple

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Inspired by moths, cocoons, and general coziness. The color scheme for this one is based on the Rosy Maple moth (Dryocampa rubicunda), most commonly found in temperate deciduous forests of the North American continent. Their curious pink and yellow coloring is both attractive and very fashionable. The contrasting colors reminds me of the biker gangs of Japan. The punk rocker of the Saturniids family. Brighten up your mood with a cheerful combination of milky pink and yellow. Moths rarely get the attention they deserve in fashion. We got rather tired of seeing butterflies on everything... got to give a little credit to the critter who makes fashion's favorite material, silk.

Dimensions 90 x 90 cm

*Silky Wash: a special wash that leaves the fabric silky and soft. This also reduces the size of the bandanna to its post-wash state of 86cm x 86cm approximately. It is the textile equivalent to using conditioner on your hair.



Cotton 100%

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