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Name: Welwitschia

Color: Kaokoveld Sand

Size: 70 x 70cm


Welwitschia is a fascinating plant. It lives in a narrow band of land in the Kaokoveld desert in Namibia (and Southwest Angola). It survives by taking water from fog that rolls inland from the Atlantic ocean. The Welwitschia plant has strobili, some plants are male and some are female. Welwitschia has no plant relative, and some have been dated to be as 2000 years old. It grows two permanent leaves that fray and split over time.

In the design process of this bandanna we consulted a botanist friend (Joey Santore of "Crime Pays but Botany Doesn't") to make sure our depiction of the plant was accurate. We incorporated a Namibian batik design into the background to give the design a bit more local culture. You might notice the color palette is the same as the desert in which Welwitschia is found. The sand, strobili, and leaves all connect. This unique plant deserved a special color palette.

You can read more on this plant here.





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